Beverage, Cocktails & Mobile Bars

Our business is created from a love for the beverage and cocktail industries and a demand for our skills. We take great pride in providing award-winning cocktails with creative serves and amazing mobile bars, which we style to suit any theme and are manned by only true professionals who are part of our family. You can also be sure that the ingredients and equipment we use are a shake above the rest.

We have created general packages to suit most events and celebrations, however we always work with our clients to create bespoke packages to satisfy their specific requirements.


We work behind provided setups (if suitable) or provide our own mobile bars. We can supply only staff or full bar, floor and cleaning setups 

  • Service only Package
  • Beverage only Package
  • Cocktails only Package
  • Cocktail & Beverage Package
  • Premium Cocktail Package
  • Edible Cocktails Package
  • Edible Cocktails & Cocktail Package

Our director Clinton Weir holds 5 national and 2 international titles for his cocktail creations and has spent many years designing successful cocktail menus in 18 countries. Clintons list of recipe creations spans across many parts of the industry and he continues to work with venues and brands to create recipes that push sales and keeps people coming back for more. 

Today all of his award winning recipes are part of Pineapple Jam’s menu and we keep adding more exciting drink serves to keep our drinks rolling out with style.

Standard Cocktails:

Are a mix of our winning recipes and twist we have put into the classic and most popular drinks today.

Premium Cocktails:

Our premium list goes above and beyond normal expectations and we have added in some of the worlds most exciting drink serves to create a high end drinks list for any event.

Our premium list is a collection of:

  • Liquid Nitrogen drinks
  • Smoked cocktails
  • Blazing
  • Ice carving
  • Glow in the dark cocktails and mocktails
  • Custom ice cubes

Edible cocktails – Video

Our edible cocktail menu is the collaboration between Pineapple Jam and a Michelin star experience chef to bring you the most exciting cocktail menu yet. We have worked on a bringing you a truly amazing sensory experience where you get to enjoy the liquid cocktail with its edible counter part waking up all your senses. We have created an edible experience which will excite all 5 senses while enjoying your favourite recipe.

Our UV Gin & Tonic is the most exciting as it glows in the dark and will satisfy your every expectation.

Here are examples of our famous specialty bar setups:

  • Mocktail Bar – Using the freshest Australian produce and premium fruit purees
  • Mimosa & Bellini Bar – Combining your favourite Sparkling wine or Champagne & the freshest Australian fruits and juices
  • Whisky Bar – Smoked or classic Whiskey serves
  • Molecular Cocktail Bar with Liquid Nitrogen & Smoked Cocktails
  • Gin or Vodka Bar
  • UV Glow in the Dark Cocktail Bar – Full UV setup and Australia’s only glow in the dark cocktail menu
  • Ice Carving Demonstrations 
  • Oyster & Champagne Bar


Our Mobile Bars

We are proud to have a very cool collection of custom and designer bars to suit any event, we also work with some amazing suppliers so we have a bar and setup option for any event anywhere!

See our fleet of bars below or here – Pineapple Jam Bar Fleet

Classic Suitcase Bar

The Classic Suit Case Bar is a 45Kg suit case and the only bar in Australia that can get onto any flight with us to go anywhere

Customisable front covers with branding options, this bar is also a 2 man work station and can serve up to 300 guests in one service

Meet Winston Our Smoked Whiskey Bar

This bar is ideal for Smoked Whiskies and Old Fashion. 

Made from wood and marble, it will perfectly match your event by combining character and elegance.



Tiki Bar

We are very proud to have a full tiki bar and grand setting setup for any size events. Our full range of bars, tiki huts and garden furniture can create a full setup for any wise event. Plus our extensive tiki cocktail menu and burning cocktail serves create the ultimate experience.




Ice Bar 

This custom ice themed bar is ideal for a DIY Vodka service, Liquid Nitrogen cocktails and ice carving demonstrations.

Cocktail Trolley

This mobile cocktail trolley is perfect for VIP table service & a roaming cocktail service around the room or Friday afternoon office drinks. 


The Pallet Bar 

Our pallet bars are custom made and we have a full range to suit any size event. Custom builds are available with matching furniture for the ultimate garden party settings.

The Classic Flat Pack Bars
Easy and quick setups with a large variety of designs and front covers.