Cocktail Masterclass

Enjoy an educational & fun Cocktail Masterclass, and share a great experience with family, friends or colleagues.

Up to 30 people at a time in a DIY, you will be greeted with an arrival cocktail, learn how to make a range of award winning cocktails, how to setup your own home bar and enjoy the drinks in a very friendly ambiance. From this cocktail masterclass you will also gain knowledge of the basic bartending techniques; the shake, muddle & swizzle, and stir.

Our family of Cocktail Masterclasses:

  • Classic cocktails – The worlds most popular cocktails.

  • Tiki and beach cocktails – Looking at the most famous of Tiki drinks plus some of our own tropical creations .

  • Martini’s – Through the ages

  • Pine up the Jam – Pineapple Jam’s award winning recipes

  • Smoked cocktails – The art of smoking liquid, garnishes and snacks.

  • The glory of Liquid Nitrogen – this amazing substance and what you can do with it with drinks and theatrical drink services.

Our Cocktail Masterclasses can be setup any where you like at home or at your office.

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