Cocktail Masterclass

Welcome to our world of Cocktail Masterclasses

Pick your class – Face to Face or Online direct from your own home!

Online Sessions

Now you can live stream direct from your home and learn how to make cocktails with anything in your kitchen or your own bartender kit.

Each session will look at 3 different recipes and how to master the basic bartender techniques, setting up your own home bar and delicious home infusions and creations.

We will also be offering a basic to premium cocktail equipment kits, home made Pineapple Jam cocktail ingredients and a choice of the worlds best cocktail mixers and purees straight from our website, pre order before your booked in session to have the ultimate setup.

Pineapple Jam Hospitality Online Cocktail Masterclass

Face to Face Sessions

Both educational and fun, our Cocktail Masterclasses gives everyone a chance to pick up some new skills and learn more about their favourite cocktails!

We have 2 types of classes:

Option 1:

A DIY group session for up to 30 people. Each person has their own cocktail station and equipment and follows the host in a step-by-step lesson to learn basic cocktail techniques and methods, and some of the world’s most popular cocktail recipes. The session ends with a cocktail competition using a wide range of ingredients from our mystery ingredient table.

Option 2:

Designed for larger groups, our hosts give a visual example on how to make the recipe of the day, offering key tips and methods, before giving each group the chance to create their own cocktail with a wide range of ingredients from our mystery ingredient table.

Each session is a lot of fun and well-organised. Prizes are provided by Pineapple Jam.

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Our family of classes:

  • Classic Cocktails: The world’s most popular cocktails
  • Tiki & Beach Cocktails: The most famous Tiki drinks and some of Pineapple Jam’s own tropical creations
  • Martinis: Through the ages
  • Pine Up The Jam: Pineapple Jam’s award-winning recipes
  • Smoked Cocktails: The art of smoking liquid, garnishes & snacks
  • The Glory of Liquid Nitrogen: How to use it with drinks and theatrical drink service