Our Team

Our team today is a combination of passionate and experienced hospitality lovers who have a special attention to detail and who provide the best service in all angles. We all have the same goal; making your event an unforgettable memory!


A multiple cocktail & flair bartending champion originally from south Africa and is international recognised as one of the most creative bartenders in the world. Clinton has travelled around the globe providing his services in 18 countries, worked in the biggest bar schools in South Africa, the UK and Australia and been labelled as the best fire flair bartender in the world.
He was also the official cocktail bartender for the Royal Wedding in Buckingham Palace in 2011. Clinton started the business with 1 portable bar and over the last 8 years has built a clientele base nationally and internationally with his personality, skill, experience and passion for this industry.


Originally from France, Sophie has worked in the Luxury Restaurant Industry in Paris. Following her Master in International Hospitality Management, she gained experience in tourism and liquor sales throughout Tahiti & Bora Bora in French Polynesia. Sophie brings her professional and passionate mentality to work along side on our bigger events and her creative touch for the business marketing.

Sophie Mercier


A hospitality veteran with extensive hotel, night club and restaurant managerial experience which spans over 15 years. He was the driving force for flair in Australia and the Australian Bartenders Guild president for almost s decade taking the bartending teams across the globe to compete for the world championships.
He was also the international ambassador, head judge and a chairman on the board for the educational educational development for the IBA International Bartenders Association.
Andy’s charisma and creativity is a great addition to our team and now sits on the round table as our QLD manager for our events and consultancy.

Our team of bartenders are originally from all over the world; Australia, Italy, England, France, etc. They all have different personalities & skills, and love what they do! Without them, Pineapple Jam Hospitality would not be where it is! Thank you to all of them!