Flair Bartending Show

This is a 5 minute high energy competition winning flair bartending routine that won multiple South African & Australian titles and placed in the top 10 in 5 world championships.

Fire Flair Bartending Show

A 3.5 minute high energy fire show which can be done just about any where that is dark enough. This show is the only fire flair show in the world which uses a different style of flair and hand held fireworks which is indoor friendly making it unique. We don’t blow fire as it is not indoor friendly and hygienic for venues in service. This show has been performed in front of people for almost 20 years from Celebrities and Maharajas in India to the Royal family in England.

UV (Glow in the Dark) Flair Bartending Show

Proudly this is the first full UV flair bartending show in the world and combines not only UV equipment but Australia first UV drinkable cocktails. This show can be tailored around many themes and areas. Show length 5 minutes.

UV (Glow in the Dark) Fire Flair Bartending Show

Combining Clinton’s unique fire flair and the UV show together makes this one of the most entertaining shows in our portfolio. Can be tailored to fit most themes and events and runs from 4 minutes up to 6 minutes.

Bespoke Brand-Designed Flair & Fire Show

With a touch of creativity and some fine planning many types of props, music and uniforms can be and with in reason be used to create a show to promote events, brands or fit most themes.

Champagne Tower Show

Adding a spark to any wedding or event. We have added our flair bartending skills to this amazing presentation and with the addition of Clinton’s signature champagne pour and the Sabrage technique makes this a very unique and dazzling performance. Performed at the Alter at some high end weddings and perfect for any special occasion.

  • 55 glasses – 5 levels
  • 91 glasses – 6 levels
  • 140 glasses – 7 levels

Tandem Bartending Shows

We are proudly the only company that boasts a reputable and professional flair bartending team where we all practice together on a weekly basis developing new shows and ideas to deliver flair bartending for the event industry.
We now can offer multiple tandem show varieties matching any theme with 1, 2, 3 or 4 performers at a time. The team, training, and choreography is lead by Clinton and we work along side some amazing set and pyrotechnic companies.


As training and consultancy in our industry works hand in hand we have also written our own courses in cocktail and flair bartending making us the only cocktail & flair training organization in Australia.

Custom training manuals are created for each individual bar, restaurant or nightclub. We have even developed recipes for our competitors in Australia and abroad.

As each year goes by we had our new knowledge and techniques to our training keeping it up to date and relevant.

Some of the projects we are involved in

Uber Bar Tools – National training is provided for their new and existing clients, masterclasses are used to educate and entertain sales staff in the wholesale, retail and hospitality sales departments.

American Beverage Marketers – They are the world leaders in cocktail mixers and fruit purees with their ranges of Finest Call, Rèal ingredients and Master of Mixers we run all their special events and training sessions in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Holmesglen – Glen Waverley – Together with Uber Bar Tools we run training sessions as part of the students curriculums adding a new age bartending training into their school.

Basic Bartender Training

Aimed at venues, events & catering companies looking to train their staff and continue to educate new staff for seasonal work or big events.

Bar Setup and System Manuals

Our team can design training manuals and work with your venue to setup up new bars or existing bars to start serving cocktails. Back and front of house systems can be included in these bespoke manuals.

Introduction to Cocktail Bartending Course

Australia’s only cocktail course aimed at the beginner to the existing bartender to give you a great start into the industry or improve your skills with our knowledge and techniques.
Classroom and onsite based training available.

Ultimate Cocktail Bartending Course

This course is our baby and combines the basic of bartending, service, theory of ingredients, cocktail knowledge, basic working flair and bar magic. With our knowledge of all bar schools in the world our course is very unique and provides a full all round education.

Introduction to Flair Bartending Course

Australia’s only flair bartending course which aligns itself with our weekly free flair bartending club – Melbourne Flair Club. Do the course with us and then improve your movers sand combinations every week under our guidance in a free and welcoming social group.

Advanced Flair Bartending Course

This course will only run once a year and for a small group of students. Experience is required to attend this course.

Working Flair / Craft Flair Course

There are a few craft flair training sessions around the world but nothing that combines the worlds best bar tools and the moves we have created for them, Clinton’s signature moves and generic moves that not only will improve your coordination in every day life but your skills behind the bar making you a more entertaining and efficient bartender. Experience is required to attend this course.



Back Bar Hire

Waiter Hire

Host / Hostess Hire

Bartender Hire

Cocktail Bartender Hire

Flair Bartender Hire


Basic Beverage Package

Cocktails Only Package

Full Beverage Package

Cocktail & Flair Bartender Package

Molecular Cocktail Package

UV Glow in the Dark Cocktail Package


Bar Designs

We have lucky to be involved with dozens of bars in South Africa, Zambia, London and Australia assisting them with the designs, build and setup of their bars.

Back of house systems, equipment supply, training of staff, setup and pack down procedures and performing the opening night of new bars is all part of our service.

Recipe Development

Creating new recipes, twists on existing recipes and new ways of serving drinks to accommodate any new venues style or existing venues wanting to introduce, improve or expand their lists.

From the creation of recipes, implementing serving systems, training of staff, supply of Uber Bar Tools, professional photography of drinks and the design of the menu is all part of our service and working with your business to improve the quality, cost effectiveness and overall sales is what we love to do.

Working with Brands

Many brands all over the world have worked with successful and creative bartenders to help push their brand into new avenues and angles of exposure. We are proud to have a large collection of clients all over the world and work very closely with some amazing brands with in our industry.

Some of the brands we work with in Australia

Uber Bar Tools

Our company heads up their event and training department and while Uber Bar Tools are an Australian design bar tool company they also poses a unique mentality by providing training and support throughout their hospitality, retail, wholesale and home ware stores which gives us the opportunity to travel the country educating and entertaining through the skills we have developed.

Finest Call & Real Purees

As one of the biggest brands in the world and one of the biggest supports for flair bartending American Beverage Marketers has exploded in Australia over the last 4 years and together we have filmed over 20 DIY cocktail videos, dozens of exhibitions in Australia & New Zealand and we have spoken about the brand in front of over 2000 people in multiple bars.

Holmesglen – Glen Waverley

Together with Uber Bar Tools we run training sessions as part of the students curriculums adding a new age bartending training into their school.

Cocktail Masterclass

A high-energy, fun and educating environment which sets up every person with their own fully loaded cocktail station. Each person follows in a step by step fashion so you not only learn how to set up your own station and make the cocktails with different drink making techniques; you also get to enjoy the cocktails too.

  • Groups up to 30 people max.
  • Venues can be provided and also done onsite in offices, bars or any venue really.
  • All ingredients, glassware and equipment is provided.
  • A competition element can be included and prizes from Uber Bar Tools are included in the extra service.
  • Great for hen parties, groups of staff or taking your friends out on a night to remember.


We work along side the coolest venues designed specifically for events only by the best in the business. We have taken our theatrical style of serving drinks and together with the venues have created a truly unique theatrical food service which is far above any other food or beverage service in Australia. Pineapple Jam has been involved in setting these venues up, training of staff and we supply our services to their events.

The Budgie Smuggler

The Stolen Gem