Flair Bartending Show

This is a 5 minute high energy competition winning flair bartending routine that won multiple South African & Australian titles and placed in the top 10 in 5 world championships.

Fire Flair Bartending Show

A 3.5 minute high energy fire show which can be done just about any where that is dark enough. This show is the only fire flair show in the world which uses a different style of flair and hand held fireworks which is indoor friendly making it unique. We don’t blow fire as it is not indoor friendly and hygienic for venues in service. This show has been performed in front of people for almost 20 years from Celebrities and Maharajas in India to the Royal family in England.

UV (Glow in the Dark) Flair Bartending Show

Proudly this is the first full UV flair bartending show in the world and combines not only UV equipment but Australia first UV drinkable cocktails. This show can be tailored around many themes and areas. Show length 5 minutes.

UV (Glow in the Dark) Fire Flair Bartending Show

Combining Clinton’s unique fire flair and the UV show together makes this one of the most entertaining shows in our portfolio. Can be tailored to fit most themes and events and runs from 4 minutes up to 6 minutes.

Bespoke Brand-Designed Flair & Fire Show

With a touch of creativity and some fine planning many types of props, music and uniforms can be and with in reason be used to create a show to promote events, brands or fit most themes.

Champagne Tower Show

Adding a spark to any wedding or event. We have added our flair bartending skills to this amazing presentation and with the addition of Clinton’s signature champagne pour and the Sabrage technique makes this a very unique and dazzling performance. Performed at the Alter at some high-end weddings and perfect for any special occasion.

55 glasses – 5 levels
91 glasses – 6 levels
140 glasses – 7 levels

Tandem Bartending Shows

We are proudly the only company that boasts a reputable and professional flair bartending team where we all practice together on a weekly basis developing new shows and ideas to deliver flair bartending for the event industry.

We now can offer multiple tandem show varieties matching any theme with 1, 2, 3 or 4 performers at a time. The team, training, and choreography are lead by Clinton and we work alongside some amazing set and pyrotechnic companies.