Training & Consultancy


Our director, Clinton Weir, has trained bartenders since 1998. With his creative mentality and keen eye for detail, Clinton has written his own training curriculums which have been used by some of the top bar schools, training agencies and brands across the globe.

2021 sees the opening of Pineapple Jam Academy where students will be able to select from a huge range of standard and Clinton’s signature courses.

Clinton has always done his own training for venues, brands and events but
has also had the pleasure to learn from and work with these top facilities & brands:


  • Shaker Bar School – – South Africa, London & Birmingham – London
    Creative Bartending School – London
  • European Bartending School – London
  • Cutting Edge Training – Melbourne 


  • Bacardi – South Africa
  • Smirnoff Vodka – South Africa
  • Monin – South Africa 
  • Agwa De Bolivia – London
  • Bull Dog Gin – London 
  • Bob’s Bitters – London
  • Fashion TV Vodka – London
  • Vantage Spirit – Australia
  • Uber Bar Tools – Australia 
  • America Beverage Marketers – Finest Call & Real Purees
    – Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Tahiti, Fiji 
  • Sweet & Chilli – UK, China, Malaysia, Australia


  • Wakame Restaurant – South Africa 
  • Cubana Venues – South Africa 
  • Battle of Britain pub – Kent, UK
  • Amika Night Club – London
  • TGI Friday’s – Birmingham, UK
  • London Bar & Kitchen – Jundaloop – Western Australia
  • Scarborough Beach Bar – Western Australia
  • 400 Gradi Group – Melbourne
  • Okie Dokie – Melbourne
  • The Budgie Smuggler – Melbourne
Pineapple Jam Training with Clinton Weir


If you have a skill, what are you going to do with it?

We take great pride in taking what we have learnt in this industry and assisting venues and brands to develop and improve their services, staff efficiency and comfortability.

Creating a clever working environment will always double or even triple your turn over or brand exposure.

We work with you from seed to tree to build, redesign and improve setups, staff training and efficiency and recipes that will not only keep people coming back, but have your business running at maximum sales and exposure.

Quick overview of our Consultancy plan:

  • Bar designs
  • Work station fabrication
  • Full bar setups
  • Beverage and cocktail recipes development
  • Working with suppliers and brands
  • Building systems that work for your venue or brand
  • Training current and new staff
  • Implementing procedures that improve staff and customer satisfaction • Sourcing and supply of specialty ingredients and equipment
  • Supply of experience staff
  • On shift training and special performances for opening nights
Pineapple Jam Consultancy